the flightsuit is a modded dickies jumpsuit. tactical gloves, flak vest is made from duck cloth with matching color scarf with mythosaur pin and girth sash with duck cloth kama. the pouches are mostly eastern bloc military surplus (one is ww2 french), velleman super stereo ear built into custom housing with leds. boots with equestrian half chaps. clip on rebreather for the front of the helmet. a duck cloth half cape and trophie wookie braids are mounted to the collar plate.  a pair of macrobinoculars.

A special thanks to the makers whose talents helped make this possible. If they have a website I linked to it below, otherwise check etsy, ebay or facebook. 

  • MakerBak3d - 3D Printed Helmet and Front Torso Armor Plates


  • AGConstruxDesign - Steel Gauntlets, 6mm Sintra Shin and Boot Armor Plates


  • Hellraiser Designs - Scarf Pin

​     www.hellraiserdesigns.com/

  • DHPFX - Back Armor Plate, Knees, Tusken Eye Cap Trophy, Control Plate on Canteen

​    dhpfx.com/

  • Katso Props (etsy)- LCD Chest Display
  • Moyamensing Handmade (etsy)- Scarf
  • Hootworks (etsy)- rangefinder LED Lights
  • LEDLightstore (etsy)- LED lights
  • Henry's Helmet Fans - Helmet Fans


  • Darth Cleavage - Gaffi Staff 


  • Crochet and More by Gigi (etsy)- Wookie Scalp Braids and Cape 
  • Dark Knight Armory - Leather Axe Frog, Leather Sword Holder


  • Pirate Monkey Art - Dragon Teeth Trophies


  • Wild Dove Beads (etsy)- Beads
  • Primitive Blessings Gift Shop (ebay)- Fabric Wrap
  • Karam of Eris (etsy)- Kama and Girth Belt
  • Premiere Props (etsy) - DE-10
  • Darmans Props (etsy) - Holster
  • Kalevala Visors - Mirrored Ruby Visor


  • Trooper Bay (etsy) - Fuller's Earth

wired with nineteen led lights and two 4500 rpm fans, sculpted jaig eyes, custom keyhole plate, padding, wireless microphone, mounted prescription eyeglasses, eleven metal led housings, painted in five colors, weathered in paint washes, fuller's earth and weathering powder 

shoulder, collar, chest, iron heart, ab and cod piece are 3d printed, shins and boot armors are 6mm sintra. the knees and the back plate are vacuformed abs. the gauntlets are 18 guage steel. painted in five colors and weathered using paint washes, fullers earth, sandpaper and weathering powder


The evolution of the design. From first experimenting with the Mando Maker website to the final built design. A full length stripe turned into shorter ones on the shoulders and shins. Kill stripes moved from the chest to the gauntlet. Cape and kama were added, visor went from black to ruby red. Some small details were changed, but it stayed true to the original design. 

The armor is current submitted for approval with the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club.  

"A New High in Low Art"


scarecrow studios header


Suit and Gear


gauntlets are 18 gauge steel, 5 led lights, custom multi-missiles, added heat sinks, liquid filled fuel line, details and sculpted "oya" and "kyr'am ra kote" in mando'a. larger blasters are resculpted nerf blasters, DE-10 is 3d printed, all with added glass scope lenses and wraps. flash grenades were made from russian surplus field markers. gaderffii is 3d printed reinforced with wood and metal, wrapped in leather and fabric. the bes'bev was made from pvc pipe. 

This project began around Thanksgiving of 2019. The helmet and core armor were purchased from three different sellers. The helmet and front torso armor was 3d printed, the shins and boot armor is 6mm sintra, the backplate and knee armor is vacuformed abs. the gauntlets are steel.

All pieces were modified and customized with sculpted details (jaig eyes, writing, etc...), added lights (led and lcd display), pneumatic fittings, a rebreather, new grappling hook and more. The majority of the belt pouches and ammo bag are Eastern Bloc Military Surplus, with the exception of the front speaker pouch, which is French WW2. Flash grenades were built from Soviet Military Field Markers.

A custom chest box was built with a stereo hearing device fed into headphones in the helmet. Voice amplifier in the belt pouch feeds from a wireless mic in the helmet. there is also a mounted pair of prescription glasses inside the helmet. Those three make it safer and easier to see, hear and be heard while fully kitted up. 

Full production photo galleries are below.