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Long Beach, California

Southern California based multi-media artist, Michael Schnuth, had originally founded Scarecrow Studios as a home recording studio for his band back in Pittsburgh in 2002. With every home over the years the studio expanded into another medium. Pittsburgh - music recording, Milwaukee- digital illustration, San Antonio- sculpting and acrylic painting, Orange- prop making. Scarecrow Studios has produced music demos, dozens of paintings, over five hundred custom action figures, half a dozen Lovecraft themed statues, and a full kit of Mandalorian armor. 

Michael lives in Orange County with his Wife, 2 Dogs and 2 Cats. A lifelong Artist and Musician, he specializes in Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Illustration, Digital and Acrylic Painting, Small Scale Sculpture and Prop Making. 

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Coming Soon, In the next episode...


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The Scarecrow heads West in.....

City of Angels, Murder of Crows


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"A New High in Low Art"

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to be continued....

City of Angels,

  Murder of Crows