A special thanks to the makers whose talents helped make this possible. All of them can be found on Etsy, except Darth Cleavage who I ordered directly from her website.

  • MakerBak3d - 3D Printed Helmet and Front Torso Armor Plates
  • AGConstruxDesign - Steel Gauntlets, 6mm Sintra Knee, Shin and Boot Armor Plates
  • Hellraiser Designs - Scarf Pin
  • DHPFX - Back Armor Plate
  • Katso Props - LCD Chest Display
  • Moyamensing - Scarf
  • Hootworks - RF LED Lights
  • LEDLightstore - LED lights
  • Henry's Helmet Fans - Helmet Fans
  • Darth Cleavage - Gaffi Staff and Glove Armor Plates
  • Crochet and More by Gigi - Wookie Scalp Braids and Cape

Concept Art

By Spring everything will have arrived and I will be able to start painting. My hope is to have it ready for WonderCon in April 2020* and then submit pics for approval into the Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club. 

​I hacked up a pile of Nerf guns to build my blasters. Two are currently on my workbench being sculpted into something new. A rifle I built out of a Chewbacca Nerf gun from the Solo movie and a completely reworked Nerf Maverick. I also have a custom made "Gaffi Staff" being built for my kit. Plan to wrap it in fabric and leather and add a sling to it. 

Watch this space and like/follow my Facebook page for updates. 

* WonderCon is indefinitely postponed, but still on track for planned timeframe. 


Towards the end of 2019, I decided that I was going to build my own Mandalorian armor. Below is my Concept Art of the character. All the parts are ordered and most are primed and ready to paint. Just waiting on the gauntlets, and leg armor to arrive.

The jumpsuit, scarf, boots, half chaps, belt pouches and girth sash have been acquired. Just waiting on the vest to arrive.

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